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John Docherty

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Around several years ago i found myself in a job i hated waking up day in and day out stuck in a rut as each day passed i found it harder and harder in the industry i was working in.
I decided one day to get a change of scenery, i rang a computer teaching course company who gave me a price on training me in a new field. I was quoted an astronomical price as at the time my current wage could not help.

I took it upon myself to start connecting with other like minded people online via different platforms and also use the likes of google and youtube in my pursuit of learning a new skill in network marketing, a long process but worthwhile for the outcome i have achieved to date

Since beginning this new venture i’ve changed my job twice for the right reasons and for the better i must say.

Also in that time my new found skill has connected me with some amazing people. Which i stay in touch with on a regular day to day basis and some of which i also currently work with on my online business.

I’am now 40 years of age and have two young children a daughter who is 4 and a son who is 7. I’ve also been married for 15 years. My wife has stuck by me every step of the way with my amazing entrepreneur adventure.

We have had our up and downs, but this is all part of the learning procedure in the school of life. Right now i have settled into an amazing positive mindset and have learnt a lot on social media and even more on networking.

I have a great passion on paying things forward to helping others from what i have learnt on this great journey of mine.

So if you would like to connect get in touch. I love to hear other peoples life stories and if we can help one another i’am just one click of a button away.

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Connecting with other like minded people online, Love my sports also music and getting to know others journeys on self improvement.

Now what you do with the information is solely a decision for you to make.

I am simply committed to presenting it to you.

There is a great 3 minute video I can direct you to. Just let me know how.



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by John Docherty 1 year


If you are looking for a supplemental income to and eventually a better way to the regular 9 to 5 grind then I have one of the simplest and most duplicatable ways I have found to earn some decent and honest profit in a part time or full time business. It's just shopping that we all do anyway. The whole world is already doing it. 

Fill out the contact me info and I will get send you some more information to help your voyage of discovery.

We are all customers, some are just not being paid. Yet..